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Macky 2 has joined forces with legendary musician Danny Kaya and have released a new song called ‘Its a pity’. The two are working together for the first time and fans are excited about this collaboration, Danny has not been active in music for sometime and it was a pleasant surprise for his loyal fans.

The song was released at same time with a video, the music video is really impressive it was well done and of good quality and is capable of putting Zambia on map musically. In the video we see Mpali actor popularly known as Hambe and Zuba’s former Suwi, we also got to see Juvic music who has not been around the music scene for years.

Some critics feel that this song has the potential to be one of 2021’s biggest songs, they have credited Danny for being such a brilliant story teller and the combination of the two is just magnetic. The song has really hit home with most of the listeners.

This song was released on the same day Macky 2 was celebrating his birthday, so it was a big day for him, the artist received birthday wishes from his fellow artists who wished him well, among these were fellow hip hop artist Slapdee who put out a message via face book.

Photo credit: Kaandanya music promotions

Macky 2 has hinted that he will be retiring from music soon because he feels that he has made his contribution and helped build a platform for so many Kopala artists who are now enjoying musical success, among these are the rappers brother Chef 187, Chef has become one of Zambia’s biggest artist and Macky 2 takes pride in the fact that he paved the way for many and he feels it is time to move on to other ventures.

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