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Macky 2 has released a new song called ‘Voices in my head’ this is in order to apologize to his fans for supporting one political party over the other. Earlier this year the singer had pledged to support a political party and joined fellow artists Slapdee, Mampi and Yo maps on a campaign song. This did not sit well with their fans because they felt that the country was in a crisis due to poor leadership and by singing this song fans felt that this was a total disregard for what they were going through as a country. Campaigning for the very people that put the country in that position was an insult to them. Fans thought it was extremely selfish of the artist’ to only think about their own financial needs over the cry of the many Zambians, which in turn disappointed their fans. They spoke out harshly, some went as far as threatening to never listen or buy his music again because he did not stand with them when it mattered the most.

Macky 2’s music sales have since dropped and his popularity dropped as well, which lead him to apologize to his fans through this new song which he released yesterday. He took to social media and wrote;

“I have learnt to be thick skinned and to ignore all the nasty things said about me on social media.. I actually think I thrive and perform better under pressure. Its my motivation but I would be lying If I said I don’t care what people think because I really do. I understand that I have a democratic right to choose whoever I want to support.. I also understand that a huge part of the music Is business but It’s selfish for someone like me to just look out for myself and my family. They Say “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. LESSON LEARNT. Sorry to everyone I have Let down, those that know me know my heart is in the right place. ‘VOICES IN MY HEAD’ out now.”

The Song has been received with mixed feelings, some of his fellow artists immediately shared the post and urged their fans to forgive the artist as he is a good person in general and is sincerely sorry for his mistake. His brother Chef 187 also asked fans to forgive the artist on his page, fans of Chef have been pleased with him because he never affiliated himself with any political party. Some fans of Macky 2 have appreciated the gesture by the artist to apologize and say they have forgiven him as he is only human and some understand that he was on the hustle and did what he had to do. However many people still question the sincerity of the apology, they feel the artist is not genuinely sorry but is only apologizing due to the fact that what he did could potentially be damaging to his career and is only trying to do damage control. The fact that he still stands to make a profit out of this song through its sales is not sitting well with some fans and they still remain disappointed, so its unclear as to how this will all pan out in the long run, especially for his career.

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