Little Birdie Why Don’t You Fly

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“Little birdie, why don’t you fly?”
I was banned from ever daring to,
Utterly restrained from being curious,
For curiosity is promiscuity of young
Savagely harmful and a vanity of
I was made to swear before the old
gods and current ones,
Sternly ajured to recant such frivolity
of ever wanting to fly,
Since flying was for other kinds of birds
unlike us!
So I begun soaking my wings in pools
of acid,
And with time they started falling off
tearing off aspiration after aspiration.
Then I plucked out my eyes losing
sight of blissful blues;
everything -glorious and heavenly-
worth venturing out for
And now, now am without ambition
just a dream wingless
Proving my folks prophets!


– Gerry Sikazwe –