Lisa Eldridge Reveals Secret to No-Make-Up Make Up Looks

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Ever wonder what a celebrity make up artists’ beauty secrets are? If you are looking to create a no-make-up make up look, then Lisa Eldridge is here to save the day, or rather, the look. With a load of beauty tips and techniques to follow and learn, you can all achieve the natural make up look without too much difficulty, particularly since they are so trendy nowadays!

One of Lisa Eldridge’s famous looks is the effortless and fresh make up that looks so natural, it looks like there is no make up; she has worked with a lot of A-listers, such as Dua Lipa, Alexa Chung, Winnie Harlow, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In order to achieve these great make up results that she gives to her clients, here are the tips you can follow at home:


Lisa Eldridge says, “Making sure that your skin is well hydrated and moisturised is important. Without that, you can’t get the products to behave the way you want them to.”

Work with your skin

For a no-make-up make up effect, the beauty artist advises to apply foundation only in the areas where it is needed, which is generally the center of the face. “For me, it’s around my nose, mouth and chin area and a little bit on the forehead.” Lisa applies with her fingers or a flat brush to get the best results.

Mix formulas up

If you are struggling with the right consistency in the base product, then Lisa Eldridge suggests adding moisturiser in it, as it helps to reduce the cakey finish.


“I always use a highlighter on the high points of the cheeks – a subtle one, that doesn’t have any glitter in it – and I apply it on the nose, in the corners of eyes, and on top of the lip to create a dewy look.”

Add a ‘flushed’ effect

A cream blush is every make up artists’ essential, according to Lisa Eldridge, as it is the best way to create a natural flush on the face. She applies with her fingers, building up thin layers to create the right texture and finish.

If you would like to watch a video tutorial of Lisa Eldridge showcasing how to do a natural no-make-up make up look, then click HERE for the YouTube tutorial and subscribe for more! Click HERE to be taken to the official website and check out all of Lisa Eldridge’s make up that she has made available just for you!

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