Life is Strange: True Colours

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With this new game release of a popular series, there is no doubt that this too will have a lot of drama and bittersweet moments, as the other games in the franchise did.

Life is Strange: True Colours was released on 10th September 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and will be released later in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

The following link to the official website provides teaser images and videos for the game:

You can select a platform from the above link and purchase the game directly. You can also go on the Steam website and buy the game through the system here:

This series of Life is Strange is a graphic adventure video game published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary and developed by Deck Nine. It is the fifth instalment in the series and the third mainline game, succeeding Life is Strange 2.

The plot of the game follows a young woman called Alex Chen, a Chinese American, who can experience the emotions of others. She tries to solve the mystery behind her brother’s death and uses her powers to help her find the answers she is looking for.

She had grown up in a foster family and has had a troubled childhood. Eight years later, after being encouraged by her brother Gabe to return, Alex reunites with him. However, Gabe gets killed in a mysterious accident and Alex begins to investigate the truth behind what happened by using her empathy powers.

Along the way, Alex meets many citizens of Haven Springs, including two potential love interests, Ryan and Steph. The latter of whom appeared in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.

Played from a third person view, there is an opportunity to explore various locations in the fictional setting of Haven Springs. There are also many characters to communicate with through the conversation system based on dialogue trees.

Moreover, the protagonist Alex Chen has psychic empathy powers that allows her to read and manipulate emotions, which she perceives as auras, to physically see how others feel around her at the cost of being around the person with the emotion. Some characters will have more intense auras that indicate trauma or hardship.

Unlike the prior mainline games in the series which have had an episodic release schedule, the game was released in its entirety at once. The game is structured in five chapters so that the player may experience the game in smaller segments.

A bundled Ultimate Edition version, with access to the remastered versions of Life Is Strange and Before the Storm, is also available. Additionally, an exclusive story called Wavelengths; starring Steph, one of the love interests; will be available as part of a Deluxe Edition on 30th September.

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