Life Hack: Organisation In Small Rooms And Spaces

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No matter what size your bedroom or office space is, I have sifted through a lot of tips and ideas in organisation and making your space seem bigger than they are, as well as use the areas to be best of their abilities. It can be difficult trying to fit everything into one room that does not look like it will accommodate your needs, therefore, read on and learn the following life hacks in organisation – you will be amazed!

Shelves and floating shelves

The easiest way to make space in a room is by adding shelves with all the areas not occupied on the walls. You can add anything you want to those shelves, be creative and add decorations, books, plushies, and anything else you need there!

Clothes rack

If your wardrobe is not big enough for all your clothes, then a rack will be a great alternative to consider. Make sure you place it something that will not end up disturbing your other spaces; the corner is usually the best place to keep it.

Bed with storage

This is one of the easiest hacks for your bedroom, particularly when you have to manage a small room with limited space. 

Hooks and pegs

You can have more than just coats, towels and keys hanging from these, so use your imagination and put them into great use for a variety of things.

Drawer organisers

You can get some dividers from online or storage trays for all your personal belongings to be able to organise them into different categories.

Check out these videos for more ideas: