Lewis Hamilton says there is “no question” he is out of the World Championship After Finishing 13th

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Lewis Hamilton has spoken over his most recent race, which is reportedly “the worst races of his 16-season career”, and said that there is “no question” that his F1 title for the World Championship is no longer a possibility. As F1’s seven-time former world champion, Lewis Hamilton finished at 13th place this season in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix; this is the first season for Mercedes with the new generation of F1 cars, as well as for Lewis Hamilton to have “sunk to a new low”.

It seems that Lewis Hamilton was only able to improve one position on his grid spot in the grand prix, being 13th with the W13 in qualifying and 14th in the sprint. For a full overview of the actual race, click HERE for the Planet F1 page, who said, “Being lapped by winner and 2021 championship rival Max Verstappen compounded the misery, along with finishing nine places behind his team-mate George Russell.”

With a maximum of 34 points available for each driver on the weekend, Lewis Hamilton ended up getting zero points and is now to seventh position in the standings. He is also 58 behind the World Championship leader Charles Leclerc.

After the sprint, the 37-year-old racer said he did not feel he had any chance of securing a record-breaking eighth world title this year, and following the grand prix at Imola, he said there was “no question” about it. He said during the post-race interview with Sky F1, “A weekend to forget, that’s for sure. I’m out of the championship, for sure. There’s no question about that. But I’ll still keep working as hard as I can and try to pull it back together somehow.”

According to Sky Sports, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff spoke to Lewis Hamilton after the race on team radio to apologise for an “undrivable” car that suffers with “violent bouncing issues and a lack of speed”. He spoke to reporters and said, “Lewis deserves better from us. But we are a team, so we all need to do the upmost in order to provide him with a machine that is able to fight for the front positions. The guy is the best driver in the world and he is just not having the machine and the equipment underneath him to be able to execute.”