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27 year old rapper Kunkeyani Phiri, commonly known as Tha Jedi is rapidly gaining respect as one of the top upcoming hip hop artist’s in Zambia. He was recently signed to head phone music, owned by Jay Rox. Many are calling the young rapper “The King of new wave’ music. Kunkeyani already has the likes of Sapdee giving him props for his lyrical skills. He is a creative genius and you definitely can not be kept in a box, because he is constantly growing, constantly evolving through his lyricism, his persona and style. The ease and wit with which he pieces some of the most quotable lines will leave you in awe. He is one of the few artists who is talented enough to spark this burning desire in you to sing and bop along to a song you’re only just hearing for the first time.

The Jedi began his music career in 2010 with fellow rapper and best-friend Kslayer. Together they go by the name K.I.C.K.S which is an acronym for Kool Intellect Crazy Kinda Species. In 2011, they got signed to a record label called 428 where they met talented producer Peezey Cables who would produce and feature on the hook of their break out single titled Grinding. It received massive airplay and great reviews and that is how The Kicks were finally introduced onto the Zambian Hip Hop scene. In 2012, The Kicks released their debut mixtape titled ‘Done & Dusted’ under 428, working with other acts such as ER and Eddie Black. This mixtape would further emphasize their relevance in the game and gain them recognition from some of the top cats. In 2015 they dropped their second offering which is a mixtape titled DIRTFT an acronym for ‘Do It Right The First Time’ a very playful and experimental project which showcased the versatility of The Kicks a gentle reminder of their boundless capabilities. With features such as Eddie Black, Urban Hype, Fjay and Peezey Cables and production from 4th profile, Helium prime and 260 Africa. Kunkeyani has been into Hip hop from a young age. His influences range from Kenny Roc, Chef 187, Duncan Sodala , Kanye West, Dizzy Wright, Maleek Berry and Lil Wayne. As to what made him take up music as a career he said he realized it was something he was really good at and that it was a platform he could use to inspire other people.

Asked how he got the moniker ‘Lyrical master‘ he had this to say; “ I had gotten to a point where I felt that I was a genius with words and I would mention it every now and then on songs and eventually it became a thing.”As an artist the Jedi strives to be as relatable as possible in order to establish common ground with his audience because he believes that people being able to understand and closely identify with the subject matter of his music is valuable.

In his most recent projects, he has worked with the likes of T Sean, Princess Natasha Chansa and many more. Fans are looking forward to what the young rapper will do on his upcoming projects at head phone music. The combination of Jay Rox (owner of head phone music) and Kunkeyani could only result into Greatness. He is truly what the Hip hop music scene needed right now. As we get further into 2021, his fans can expect more music, more videos because, he intends to take his brand across boarders.

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