Kriya Gangiah Launches Dynamic New Motorsport Podcast on Jacaranda FM

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Johannesburg, 15 March 2022 The highly-anticipated 2022 Formula 1 season is about to begin and interest around the sport has grown exponentially over the last two seasons. Last season’s finale attracted more views than the Superbowl and a survey released by F1 highlighted the sharp increase in fans who now view ‘Grand Prix’ as their favourite sport.

Beloved South African F1 commentator Kriya Gangiah hopes to elevate fan interaction and deepen fan love for the world’s most premier motorsport with the launch of a new podcast on Jacaranda FM named F1: Track This.

In this new podcast series, Kriya will be joined by a panel of industry experts, passionate fans, and knowledgeable guests as they unpack each race of the season, and answer the sports most pressing questions every Thursday on Jacaranda FM’s JacPod.

Kriya is no stranger to the South African F1 scene and is a massive petrolhead. She famously hosted Absolute F1 on Supersport, recently hosted the 2022 Kyalami 9-hour event, and currently presents ‘Tuned In SA’ on Ignition TV.

‘F1: Track This’ will debut on Jacaranda FM’s JacPod platform on 17 March –  just in time for race weekend. Each episode will give fans expert analysis on the current race, industry news, and insights on what to expect in the races to come.

“I can’t wait to share the latest in motorsport and topical racing content with SA’s passionate formula one fans. Exciting times are ahead and I am delighted to be a part of a new era in F1,” says Kriya.

Joining the podcast panel is race car driver Batshobonke “Tschops” Sipuka. Tschops famously competed in the Formula Volkswagen class in Germany, saloon car racing in Malaysia, and Super Truck racing in South Africa. Tschops was also South Africa’s first black motorsport champion, winning the Volkswagen Polo Cup Series twice.

Tasmin Pepper who made headlines as the first woman to win a Formula VW championship race in South Africa and competed in the Wseries as one of the top 18 female drives chosen from around the world, will also be joining the podcast panel.

While the series will feature industry experts, fans of the sport are also invited to air their opinions and kick-start real conversations on every episode. Fans wanting to participate in the podcast can follow the social media platforms for more details.

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