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Senior Chief Mujimanzovu ( in a black jacket) is joined by Prince Brian Kajoba Mujimanzovu (his son) in celebrating the receipt of a valuable gift from Kansanshi to their chiefdom. Picture by JOHN MUBAMBE

By JOHN MUBAMBE Kansanshi Mining Plc has delivered a royal sceptre to Senior Chief Mujimanzovu of the Kaonde people of Mushindamo District in Northwestern Province, to honour his dignity and to recognize the valuable relationship between the mine and his chiefdom. A sceptre is a baton held in the hand by traditional leaders as a royal or imperial insignia and a symbol of power in Zambian traditional sovereignty. Kansanshi Mining Plc Assistant General Manager John Gladston presented the locally made royal sceptre to senior chief Mujimanzovu at Kansanshi Community Centre in Solwezi today.

The royal sceptre made of white and green cubic zirconia and copper was crafted by the Nsanshi Art Studio, an all-women run jewellery shop, under the mine’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department. Gladston, accompanied by the mine’s CSR Manager, Bruce Lewis, and Public Relations Manager, Godfrey Msiska, explained that the sceptre symbolized the cordial relationship prevailing between the mine, his subjects and other chiefs under his jurisdiction. “We are giving you this sceptre as an important token of appreciation to value your support and friendship,” said Gladston to the senior chief. He noted that the reciprocation of the warm relationship of senior chief Mujimanzovu and his subjects was anchored on a very highly cherished source of peace and unity between Kansanshi management and the Mujimanzovu royal establishment.

In receiving the sceptre, senior chief Mujimanzovu expressed gratitude for the precious gift which was a symbol of the great chiefdom of the Balonga (water) Clan. “As a chiefdom, we are grateful to Kansanshi because of the support it handsomely gives in various ways to our chiefdom and the community” said the senior Chief. He explained that the royal sceptre given to him was a symbol of power and authority depicting the value of the minerals existent in his chiefdom. The traditional leader also thanked Kansanshi Mine management for grooming the female students at Nsanshi Jewellery Studio for a prosperous future of self-reliance. Kansanshi Mining Plc had recently given similar sceptres to Chief Mumena and Senior Chief Musele of Kalumbila district and Chief Kapijimpanga of Solwezi District.

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