Jordan Pitt’s Ambition to Live in Cinema

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Ambition to Live

Ambition to Live

Emerging  company,  One  Umbrella  Productions team up with Triforce Promotions  to produce their sophomore  short film, Ambition to Live. The film, directed by Fraser Ayres (Waterloo Road, The Bible, Adulthood) and executive produced by Holby City (BBC) actor, Jimmy Akingbola centres around combating the constraints of life for a brighter future.

The film’s protagonist,  Nathan, is the victim of a horrific road traffic accident. Audiences watch as he trains in a boxing gym with an unidentified guide towards salvaging what remains of his life. Ambition To Live’s potency comes from its use of powerful imagery with very little dialogue. The result is a visual metaphor about life changing decisions in the most dire and challenging of circumstances.

Jordan Pitt Actor/Writer/Filmmaker

Jordan Pitt Actor/Writer/Filmmaker

Produced and Written by actor Jordan Pitt, the film echoes his personal beliefs and his time as a boxer: “I  originally wrote Ambition to Live with the hope of inspiring people who ‘fight’ everyday.   No matter what it is, we all fight against  something.  Whether  it’s a single mother  struggling  to raise her child, someone struggling  to pay their bills each month, the list goes on.” he says. “Basically  it’s about the power of the mind, and if we are strong mentally, we can get through anything”.

Ambition To Live is the follow up to One Umbrella Production’s 2011 début, Lost Words, starring Pitt and One Umbrella Co-­‐Founder/Producer, Ty Bankinson. Their collaboration was filmed and premièred at the prestigious  Cannes  Film  Festival;  a  flying  start  for  the  team  who  come  from  a  professional  acting background.

One Umbrella Co-­‐Founder/Producer, Ty Bankinson

One Umbrella Co-­‐Founder/Producer, Ty Bankinson

Ambition To Live has had a successful run on the film festival circuit.  It too premièred at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, and then went on to win the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at the London Film Network Film Festival.   It was chosen as part of the official selection for the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF)  and the Portobello  Film Festival,  and also received  a nomination  for ‘Best Short Film’ at this year’s BEFFTA’s.

The film will was recently screened at the BAFTA’s as part of the Triforce Short Film Festival, on Sunday December 8th, before making it’s online première on Monday 9th December. The team intends to offer the film as an inspirational tool for teachers/facilitators in schools and pupil referral units.

Lost Words

Lost Words

The Global Zambian Magazine were present at the Triforce Short Film Festival and had the privilege of watching Jordan Pitt’s Ambition to Live amongst other shorts, and we found the story and cinematography captivating.  A great piece of art put together by the rising  actor, writer and filmaker whose previous short film Lost Words made its début at the Cannes Film Festival. Pitt who has been acting from the age of 11 has gone from strength to strength in the movie industry with other acting credits consisting of Noel Clarke’s THE PLAY, Lionel Bart’s award winning musical, OLIVER, STORMHOUSE, and RIOT just to name a few.


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