Jacqueline Wilson Releases Her 114th Book Called ‘Baby Love’

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Recently published on the 17th of March 2022, the famous children’s author Jacqueline Wilson shows her understanding of complex interpersonal relationships amongst teenagers through her new book called ‘Baby Love’. This marks her 114th published book, having written the first complete novel at the age of just nine years old!

The plot of ‘Baby Love’ is as follows:

“A heartbreaking, compelling and timely story for older readers about teen pregnancy, family trouble and unlikely friendships, set in 1960. When Laura meets a French exchange student, Leon, she is flattered by his interest in her. She’s never had any sort of boyfriend before. One night, Leon walks Laura home – and her life will never be the same again. Things start to change for Laura – first her moods, and then her body. Laura isn’t prepared for what she learns next – and doesn’t even know how it could have happened. When her family learns her secret, they are horrified. Sent away to save them from shame, Laura meets girls just like herself, whose families have given up on them – and they become a family for each other at the most difficult time in all their lives. An emotional and moving tale for fans of Dear Nobody and Juno.”

Author Profile:

“Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. She is now one of Britain’s bestselling and most beloved children’s authors. She has written over 100 books and is the creator of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather. More than forty million copies of her books have been sold. As well as winning many awards for her books, including the Children’s Book of the Year, Jacqueline is a former Children’s Laureate, and in 2008 she was appointed a Dame. Jacqueline is also a great reader, and has amassed over 20,000 books, along with her famous collection of silver rings.”

‘Baby Love’ covers topics on teen pregnancy, family trouble, friendships, and adoption, which is aimed at older readers aged 12 and above. At the end of the novel, Adoption UK provide the readers with some context “around how both societal attitudes and adoption have changed since the 1960s”. It further highlights problems people still experience to this day, after which the Adoption UK provides a helpline number for those who feel they need it.

Adoption UK’s director of public affairs and communications, Alison Woodhead, said, “We are so proud to be included in this moving book about teenage pregnancy, motherhood, and adoption in the 1960s, which gives a voice to girls like Laura, who had little choice in how their lives turned out. Thankfully, adoption has changed radically since then. Today, a child is only placed for adoption when it is not safe for them to stay with their birth family because of abuse, violence, or neglect, but we owe it to these women and their children to face up to the wrong that was done to them in different times. What happened to them is heart-breaking and indefensible which is why we once again call on the Government to do the right thing and apologise to them.”

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