Jacaranda FM’s Rozanne McKenzie Shares Fitness Tips For Working Moms

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Johannesburg, 12 May 2022 Being a mom is hard work. When it comes to raising a child, your day is loaded with additional responsibilities that can be often overwhelming on top of work and other everyday challenges and responsibilities. With the additional food prep, bath time, school trips and playtime with your child, finding time for things like fitness proves to be more and more difficult.

If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone and that moms around the world struggle with making exercise a priority. One mom that has managed to perfectly weave in fitness into her daily routine is Jacaranda FM’s Rozanne McKenzie. The radio presenter, who is on air every weekday between 12pm – 4pm on the radio station, understands just how tricky it can be for working moms to fit exercise into their daily schedules and shares some of her tips that have helped her stay the course.

Early Morning Workouts Are A Game-Changer

For me, training first thing in the morning puts me in such a good mood. The endorphin high in the morning is my favourite! I feel like I’m ready for the day and then training is done. The rest of the day can be spent focusing on other things. For me, it’s making exceptional content on Jacaranda FM and my other business endeavours. For others, it could mean going to work without feeling guilty about not working out. With this in mind, you will find me at a Fitblock class at 5:15am most days. My pole classes are in the evenings twice a week and I will admit, I struggle initially to find the energy to push through a class at that time of the day, but once the class kicks off, I get into it. 

You Don’t Need To Commit To An Hour At The Gym

With functional training or HIIT, you can fit a lot into a short space of time so if I can’t make it to gym, I have a few workouts that I’ve compiled in my Notes app on my phone that I will take myself through at home. A few sets of lunges, burpees and squats can take just 15 minutes. Not a long time, but sometimes that’s all I need just to move my body for a bit.

Set Realistic And Achievable Goals For Yourself

Goal setting is a really important part of my fitness journey. I can work towards something and direct my energy and focus towards that. Writing my goals down also helps a lot. Goals can change, so if I haven’t achieved something in a time-frame that I set out for myself, I just keep working at it and look at how far I’ve come. Goals can also be simple stuff like drinking more water or eating more vegetables, it doesn’t have to be : “I need to deadlift 100kg” if you just started training a month ago. Start small. Small and achievable. 

Be Experimental With Your Fitness

Working out can be done in so many different ways. Pole dancing has been so good for me both physically and mentally. My upper body has never been stronger and my core has improved so much since I started pole. The weight training that I do also helps a lot in pole with conditioning. On a mental level, the sense of empowerment I feel with regards to my body since starting pole is unmatched. When you’re on the pole it’s just you lifting your body up, getting into the poses. What  my body can do now amazes me every time I’m on the pole, even in the classes that are less successful than others. Regardless of what many people think, pole is for everyone.

Start With The Basics

My advice for moms starting out on their fitness journey would be to start small. Don’t try and go from zero to hero. This a real luxury, but If you can, get a personal trainer I would highly recommend it – even if it’s for two or three sessions. A trainer can show you proper form so you build a strong foundation and could work out a programme that works with your fitness level and abilities. Training in the right gear also makes a big difference. A good sports bra and the right shoes will make a world of difference. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the right gear will go a long way to getting you a little closer to your goals.

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