Is Destiny’s Child Releasing New Music After Changing Their Social Media Headers?

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Fans are freaking out after the unexpected update.

IT’S been 15 years since iconic girl group Destiny’s Child disbanded. The trio went their separate ways in 2006, with all three talented performers keeping busy with their own prestigious solo careers.

Fans are comforted knowing that Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have all kept close, and from time to time, they hang out with one another. Occasionally, there’s something that really gets the world talking about the possibility of a future where Destiny’s Child has reformed in one fashion or another.

Recently, all-things-music Twitter account Pop Crave shared the mysterious and thrilling observation that for the first time in a while, the group’s Twitter and Facebook header images have been updated.

The header image has been changed on each platform to a simple background with their name, and while there is nothing in the post to indicate that more is coming, many fans believe that when it comes to Destiny’s Child, even the tiniest hint can quickly become something far more important.

A quick swap of header images immediately got Destiny’s Child fans talking, with many wondering if something is coming soon from the girl group, whether it be a tour, a song, or perhaps even a full album.

Of course, as is typically the case, Beyoncé and company have remained mute on the subject for now, but there is reason to believe the near-future may bring something from the trio, as they have actually worked together fairly regularly since splitting up in 2006.

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