Interview with upcoming Zambian singer K.D.A

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K.D.A.( real name  Kabamba Kunda)   started singing at an early age of 7yrs old, and that’s when he practically fell in love with music. He recorded his first solo song in 2010, titled “Nifuno unkale wanga” and discovered he could write his own music. After that, he got signed to Zoom Records in Ndola but things didn’t work out. Sometime later he formed a crew with two of his closest friends (Kayston & K-one) called K3. They recorded their first track in 2012 titled “Simukwana“, and then followed up with “Twalibelela” and “Blow it”. After that,he decided to do his own solo track titled “Hit song ” which is currently on promotion.
He is currently a member at Hillside 101 Entertainment and working on a few songs to be announced so keep your ears to the ground. His biggest inspirations are definitely Exile, now known as Izrael, and K’Millian. Others include 2pac, Paul Ngozi, Oliver Mutukuzi, Chef 187, Ace hood, Eminem, Kanye west, JK, Will.I.Am and Westlife.


KAPA187:  Who is K.D.A , and how did you come up with that name .

K.D.A:  K.D.A is a songwriter, an Afro-pop singer and a Rapper. K.D.A are initials for ‘Kabamba Da Asset’, I call myself ‘Da Asset’ because well, I believe am worth it (not bragging) and have a lot to offer (in general).

KAPA187:  You started singing at an early age of 7yrs old , what made you take music seriously as a career ?

K.D.A: Well, when I began I had passion for it but I didn’t take it that seriously. However, as I grew older I realized that music was a huge part of my life and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else besides music. And to top it all up, I just love music.

KAPA187:  After your first record deal didnt work out . Made was your motivation to keep going ,where as others would have given up .

K.D.A:  My motivation was the people around me, everyone kept on telling me to continue because they all thought I was good at it and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. But my biggest motivation has to be my love for music, like I said, music is a huge part of my life so giving up would mean giving up on life itself, it may sound cheesy but that’s just how it is.

KAPA187:  For those who have never hear your music , describe your sound in 4 words

K.D.A:  Real. Entertaining. Unique & Good.

KAPA187:  What have been the best and most challenging moments in your music career ?

K.D.A:  The best moments so far? well I had the privilege of working with joe bligga and I was once one of the opening acts for chef 187 at a show he had some time back. Most challenging moments are when I have to constantly prove to people that I too can make good music, it never easy because am always scared I might screw up.

KAPA187:  What is your take on the state of zambian music so far . what needs to be done , and how are you contributing ?

K.D.A:  Zambian music is great but I don’t think it would go very far because most artist too concerned about making money instead of making ‘Great’ music. There is a saying ‘don’t go for money, go for greatness because with greatness comes money’. And I don’t think we have the right promoters so we should work on that. My contribution has to be, well, I bring something different and hopefully, it will be appreciated by many all over the world thus putting Zambia on the map.

KAPA187:  Tell us about your current single “Hit Song”.

K.D.A: “Hit Song” is a song I wrote for a girl I was dating days back. It talks about how crazy I am about this girl. She has qualities my favorite song of all time has, ‘that sweet melody that gives me goose pimples and that rush I get when listening to it’.

KAPA187:  In 5 years time where do you see yourself>

K.D.A:  In 5 years time I see myself, not where I am now probably traveling the world, you know.

KAPA187 : Any last words for your fans and would be fans .

K.D.A:  I’d like to thank all my fans for the love and support they have given me. And to my would be fans, I’d like to warn them that if they start listening to my music they’ll never get enough but, that’s the idea

Listen and download his songs here

http://t.co/PAo1l8g3MK – “Blow It”
http://t.co/oiqTdIOBhG – “Hit Song”

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