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Paratus unlocking Zambia’s tourism potentia

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Paratus, the largest privately-owned Pan-African telecoms operator, is providing its world-class internet services to help grow Zambia’s travel and tourism industry.
The telecommunications giant is working to increase internet services to Travelport, the leading global travel commerce platform that provides distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the travel and tourism industry. “Reliable, fast and stable internet connectivity is vital for the travel and tourism industry. It is important that we support companies in the tourism industry and enable them to sustain this vital sector,” says Paratus country manager Marius van Vuuren. The provision of high quality internet services to Travelport Zambia means it can help the travel industry continue to grow its economic contribution. “Our innovative solutions and rich visual content make the experience of buying and managing travel continually better for travel bookers. As such, we require the stable and reliable internet connection which Paratus has been able to provide,” said Travelport Zambia CEO Terry-Anne Pickard.

Travelport Zambia CEO Terry-Anne Pickard

“Travelport Zambia has developed a good relationship with Paratus, one that continues to gain trust and favour with our customers, we look forward to continuing this in the future,” she added.
As a growing tourism destination, Zambia has a pressing need for high quality internet, to meet the needs of today’s always connected, technology fuelled consumer, and help to increase the number of tourist arrivals in the country. “We are not only supporting Travelport, but helping ease travel around the world by increasing access to internet services. Through the internet, travellers can easily access flight and hotel booking information, do business, and ease their movement around the world,” explains Van Vuuren. According to Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Zambia is expected to see 1.3 million tourist arrivals in 2018, from the previous year’s record of 1.1 million foreign tourists that visited the country. Van Vuuren said Internet access helps provide information for tourists planning to visit Zambia. “Companies like Travelport that offer technology, payment and other solutions for for travel agents need high quality internet to reliably manage information and travel on a global scale. This is why Travelport put its trust in Paratus.” “Tourism is critical to Zambia’s development and the tourism potential is remarkable. But for this to materialise, it is key that individuals have the capacity to use the internet and access information,” he concluded.