I am my own competition, says DJ Mzenga Man

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The hitmakers second album, Supremacy beats his earlier release The Big Boss III

MUSIC producer and M Beats Generation chief executive officer, DJ Mzenga Man otherwise born Emmanuel Mzenga Mwale has declared himself his own competition after his recently released album Supremacy surpassed his previous release Big Boss III in online sales.

He posted on his Facebook: “One thing about me is, I always consider my self as my own competition. This right here is my own victory! I am glad that I managed to beat sales I had on The Big Boss III album with my new album Supremacy!”

He continued: “The goal is to always beat myself by doing better than my previous efforts. In the picture, on Mvesesani Chart highest selling albums of 2021, the #Supremacy is on #2 while #TheBigBossIII is on #4. Now that’s supremacy. Thank you fam!!! Lets keep pushing the numbers.”

The 13-track album features the likes of Slapdee, Towela, Bobby East, TiyeP, Dizmo, Chazman, Stevo, Obinali, Tim, Dope G, Young Verbal, Flexvile Marley, Mag44, Jorzi, Israel, Teliq, Smaq, BMak, Jae Cash, F Jay and the legendary DaNNy Kaya.

It includes songs such as Perfect featuring Bobby East and Towela, Memories featuring Stevo and Obinali, Royalty featuring Slapdee and Chazman, Greatest Of All Time featuring Dizmo and Tiye P, Sunrise featuring Slapdee and Obinali, Around Me featuring Towela and Koby, Legend featuring Tim, Dope G, Young Verbal and Flexvile Marley.

Other songs are Supremacy featuring Mag 44 and Jorzi, Legacy featuring Israel, Tiye P and Teliq, Moment featuring Yo Maps, Dizmo, Smaq and B Mak, Fire Emojiz featuring Jae Cash, Icon featuring F Jay and Tim plus Tebwafya Wandi featuring DaNNy Kaya.

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