How travelling solo changes you

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Going abroad by yourself is a big step, but it can do so much for you once you start seeing the world differently to how you are used to.

Every day can feel like a chore if you live a similar routine each day. Many like to go travelling every once in a while to change that and bring something new into their lives.

Ron did the same. Being from Singapore, he was tired of his daily life and wanted to go out to travel and do something exciting. He did not want to stay in one place for too long, it felt wrong.

Ron started writing out his thoughts and quotes on social media years before he started travelling, though it was an on and off beginning. He then started his Instagram @payformycoffee in 2018 when it had only been half a year since he started travelling.

Since then, he accumulated 76.8k followers on Instagram, and 475k on his second Instagram account @ronwritings, which is dedicated to writing only and was started in 2020.

As a traveller, he has often logged his travels online and talked about his thoughts and feelings. In one of his story highlights on Instagram, he answered a lot of questions sent in by his followers, since Ron has a good way with advice and is able to stay realistic at the same time.

Some examples of the questions he answers are about his travels, tips in life, coffee, having expectations, how to not care about what others think, and how to create content online like he is.

A few things he also talks about are how travelling by himself has changed him.

When going out alone to see the world, your perspective of things can start to take an effect. Sometimes, it can include things like your opinion on certain foods and drinks; a hobby, either rediscovered or finding something that you disliked is something you actually enjoy now; or learning that you have a side of yourself that you didn’t know about, as well as how you interact with different kinds of people.

A person can grow a lot through going through experiences that are completely new to them. It helps to develop and shape you into a more open-minded person and can skill you in being able to pick up on how to deal with different kinds of people in different situations.

Travelling can be great fun and is recommended by Ron to help you find another side of yourself. If you are looking for more tips and ideas about solo travelling, follow Ron on his socials below!


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