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Here are 6 ways to stay motivated to workout;

Listen up

Exercising to the right music  can cut your perceived effort by 10% . which means you can train harder

Set goals

Set goals for your self , for example “by the end of next month i should be able to do 100 pushups at a go” . Such goals will motivate you to work hard .


Get a workout partner

Training partners are a great way to get more out of your session. By having someone to compete with, you will push yourself that bit harder.

Think positive

Negative thinking can lead to injuries, so find ways to relax before starting your training and free your mind of all your stress.

Join a group

Exercising in a group can as much as double the level of endorphins your body produces. And research has found that members of groups with a greater sense of cohesion are more punctual, miss fewer workout sessions, and expend more effort.

Welcome praise

Verbal encouragement is proven to increase effort in exercise , so tell the people you are working out with how good they are doing or how good they look .And cheer them on as they do the workout.

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