How to get out of a reading slump

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If reading is something you did often but are now finding it difficult to pick up a book and read even a chapter, then this article is for you.

It is a difficult time for all devoted readers. Having been able to read a book a week is something that came easy for me before, but now? I have not finished the last book I picked up in over a month!

I decided to investigate this and found that there could be many causes for a reading slump. One of these include the simplest explanation, which is boredom. When reading something heavy and with a lot of information, it becomes difficult for your brain to absorb everything and can be a factor for not wanting to read anymore.

Another reason for being in a slump is having a reading burnout. There is a possibility that you have been reading so much, that now your body is asking for a break. The activity has become repetitive and the only way you can respond is by rejecting reading altogether.

Lastly, time management is a constant threat that pushes reading aside. Other activities can take up time and your personal life needs priority so that can also come in the way too. Your focus can then start to shift and slowly you find yourself in a reading slump.

I then decided, enough is enough and made a list of how I can get myself out of this. Of course, I did not want to leave everyone else hanging, so here is a list to help us all pick up reading again and get out of this slump.

  • Go back to an old favourite and reread it. Sometimes looking back at something you are familiar with can be very helpful.
  • Join a book club. Being amongst others like you can be motivating and may help you take interest in a variety of other books that you would not have noticed before.
  • Plan a time or a day when you devote yourself to reading only. Make some tea or coffee, or get some juice, and keep some snacks with you. Keep yourself comfortable so that you do not have to keep getting up and start reading.
  • Try an audio book instead. Maybe you will end up enjoying it, and it helps to switch up sometimes.
  • Change your environment. Decorate a space just for reading. Make it comfortable, keep a few pillows and blankets there, and a coffee table so that you do not constantly have to put things down on the floor.
  • Read something very short. It helps when you feel like your goal is very near in sight.
  • Try something completely new. Pick up a graphic novel, comic or dabble into a genre you have never considered before.

Not get up and go try some of these ideas! And remember, it is okay to take a break sometimes. Maybe some off is all you really needed.

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