How To Find Your Music Taste And Expand It

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If you are tired of the songs you usually listen to, or have found it difficult discovering new music, then this article is for you! Not only will I help you in finding your taste in music and evolving it, but I will further provide you with resources, ideas, and recommendations! If this is what you need then read on, as you are about to discover a whole range of great tunes.

Usually, musical tastes change over time as you get older or depending on your mood and other life changes. Therefore, it is important to identify the genre of the music you have listened to and liked or not liked, as well as other similar artists within that category. It is a gradual process and once you start listening to a variety of music, it will be easier to follow onto others who are similar and will also catch your interest.

Here are some websites to check out for discovering music:

To find what is popular now, simply go on the top charts for songs and artists and listen through some of them; this way, you can click on the artist and discover more of their songs once you end up liking something. Furthermore, ask your friends and family what they are listening to at the moment, as that can also give you a good head start.

Using apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, etc, can help you to discover music easier. As a user of Spotify, I get daily new playlist with discover playlists every so often, and through this I have ended up finding many new songs I ended up adding to my own personal playlists. Apple Music also suggests new music all the time, and if you are a user of YouTube for music, then find playlists and recommendation, as well as what other users may be listening to. There is an endless number of other listeners online, connect with them and find your niche.

If you would like a head start from me, then look at my top 5 artists that I listen to:


  • Mitski
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Jordy
  • Tame Impala
  • Loote