How to do Gel Nail Polish at Home

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As an aspiring nail enthusiast, I have spent way too much money on nail supplies, nail art and the tools I need. However, that only gave me the opportunity to write and advice how to do your own gel nails at home, so in the end it is a win-win for you and me.

Previously, I talked about everything you need for a simple nail look, how to do a manicure and some ideas for nail art. Today, I decided to focus on gel polishes specifically, as well as guide you on where to buy them from and how to do your own nails.

To start off, gel polish is made up of acrylic monomers and oligomers that bond together when placed under UV light. This process is called curing, and in a matter of seconds, the once-liquid gel turns into a hard, chemical-resistant coating.

Gel polish lasts a lot longer, with up to 21 days or more if it is well looked after, than normal nail polish, which only lasts up to a week at most if well looked after. Gel polish do not easily chip, break or peel.

Some equipment and tools you will need for your own gel nails at home kit:

UV LED nail lamp

Gel nail polishes

Gel nail basecoat and topcoat

The steps to take for gel nails:

  1. Cut your nails to the desired length.
  2. File the nails to the desired shape.
  3. Push back your cuticles and trim off the excess.
  4. Apply gel basecoat on nail, put into nail lamp for 60 seconds.
  5. Choose a gel polish colour and apply a thin first layer, put into nail lamp for 60 seconds.
  6. Apply the same colour on top as the second layer, put into nail lamp for 60 seconds. The colour will come out more due to having two layers.
  7. Apply gel topcoat, put into nail lamp for 60 seconds.

Now that you know how to do a simple gel manicure, go to Pinterest and check out some ideas and find inspiration to get you going! 

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