How to beat writer’s block

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Imagine this. You get ready, grab your pen or laptop, have your tea or coffee next to you, and you start writing.

Sounds nice, right? Unfortunately, if you are reading this, then you are most likely experiencing a writer’s block, or you are simply curious about it. In that case, not so nice.

Writer’s block is, simply put, when you feel ‘blocked’ from writing. It is when you feel unmotivated and unproductive, and like you are unable to be creative with fresh new ideas.

The concept of writer’s block was first described in the 19th century by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He suffered from a writer’s block and found that many other writers resonated with him. Soon after, France writers started talking about a ‘curse’ that made all writers suffer.

Some common reasons for ending up with a writer’s block include perfectionism, fear, external pressure, and self-criticism. All these reasons have one thing in common, and that is thinking too much and losing focus on enjoying the writing or creative aspect of it.

It can last an hour, it can last a week, or it can even last a year and more. To defeat writer’s block, there can be multiple tips and tricks to follow, but it may take more than one for you to pull through.

You also need a lot of willpower to get yourself out of this ‘block’, as it is the mental mind that is feeling this way, so mental effort is required to get rid of it.

Some helpful ways to help beat writer’s block include:

  • Go for a hike. Travel and explore new areas. Do something new and fresh with your environment. It helps a lot more than people think, and it can aid in generating new ideas for your writing.
  • Write something else. Sometimes, all you need is to stop focusing on one thing and find something else.
  • Don’t think, just write. Nothing more needs to be said here. Just go for a freewriting session.
  • Find a friend to check your previous work, or your current project, and their encouragement may give you a push to help you back on track.
  • Try something new. Find a new hobby or go back to something you did before, and enjoy it before attempting to write again.
  • Do something new with writing. Write in a different genre, style, or write on your computer instead of paper. If you were already working on your computer, then find a notebook and start writing there.
  • Read. Reading can be a helpful way to bring some new ideas into your work. Do some light reading, or heavy reading, whichever you prefer.
  • Allow yourself to take this break for however long you want. Come back when you feel ready!

It can be difficult, but with these tips you will find your way back in no time. If not, keep trying and keep resting. If you love to write, you will go back to it soon.

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