How Love Island impacts self-worth

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According to a quiz taken in 2018 about perceptions of bodies, out of 2,000 British adults, more than half of 18 to 34 year olds felt negatively about the way they looked. They said that reality TV and social media played a key role in this, with 35% of the respondents referencing shows like Love Island.

Love island is a well-known, popular and a full of drama reality TV show. Many people keep up with it and watch it every year. It is a type of show where people take social media as a way to comment on what they think, any comments they want to add about something or someone, and to show their love or hate for a particular person.

Some of these comments are light-hearted, and some can go overboard. There are even comments that are completely hateful and insensitive.

Previously, a contestant named Megan Barton-Hanson got multiple surgeries done on her body after leaving the show in 2018. 

Producers of the show have previously been criticised by the general public for repeatedly choosing contestants that all look similar. People online were saying that there is a lack of diversity in the show, to which the producers commented that physical appearance is not their main criteria during the selection process.

Due to the appearances of some women and men on the show, people online have taken to some social media platforms to express how they felt in terms of their own bodies.

A few of those people, not wanting to be mentioned, all said that they feel like “fat pigs” when watching the show, and they feel as if “the contestants are the standard beauty and what everyone else should be”

This damaging view of bodies is affecting not only young but middle-aged people too. It can also possibly lead to mental health problems and create expectations that are completely unrealistic.

It is important to view entertainment shows like these as something that is not reality. By not creating stereotypes for bodies through reality TV shows like Love Island, and by not creating any expectations through TV as well, people’s self-worth won’t be as downplayed as it currently does through entertainment shows.

It is the commenting online that also makes it a bigger issue, so focusing on beauty standards is what makes it a key theme in people’s minds when watching the show.

Unfortunately, we do not know when shows like Love Island will become more diverse in terms of loving all bodies no matter what shape or size, but do not let TV bring down your own self-worth.

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