Hidden Gem Cities In Europe

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Unique experiences can vary from traveller to traveller, but if you are looking to travel for peace, freedom, nature, open spaces, and a breath of fresh air, then take a look at these hidden gem cities found in Europe that not many people tend to visit as often as they should! Get your plane, train, or ferry ticket ready because you will really want to visit these fantastic places right away before it gets busier in the summer. 

Vipava Valley, Slovenia

This is perfect for those who enjoy a little foodie adventure, some sustainable travelling, and a variety of outdoor activities. The valley includes the green capital of Ljubljana and the mystical Lake Bled, which is a favourite for every traveller that has visited. Filled with hills and vineyards, some activities you can partake in are cycling, hiking, paragliding, and wine-tasting.

The Azores, Portugal

Whether you want to go for a swim with the dolphins, go hiking around the lakes, or visit soothing saunas, this is the place to be if you enjoy water sports, relaxing in the waters, and enjoy visiting beaches. 

The Georgian Caucasus Mountains

This place offers incredible hiking trails in the warmer months to snowy adventures in the winter. Being the capital city of Tbilisi, Georgia “has been growing in popularity in the digital nomad community for years, thanks to the one-year visa and low nomad tax rates”. Dormant Mount Kazbek, climbing to an elevation of 5055 metres, is a real sight to behold, so make sure not to miss out on that.

The Hague, The Netherlands

If you are interested in politics and history, then you will most likely have a great time checking out the museums in this next hidden gem city. The Hague is also well-known for its vegetarian food, so if that is your thing then do not hesitate to come here for a city-break! The food and bar scenes are as fascinating as the museums, and with chill vibes in the city, there is no doubt this is one of the best hidden gems in Europe.

Mantua, Italy

Love Italian architecture and art? Escape into Italy and find yourself in Mantua where you will find an overflowing amount of tourist attractions, three artificial lakes where one is coated in lily pads, and an estimated 600 rooms presented by the Ducal Palace showing off their best architecture and art.

Durham, England

If you are a big movie buff then you will enjoy exploring some of the well-known television and film location here! There is a great cathedral not to be missed and multiple museums and castles if you want a full British experience. Just outside the city, there is the Durham Heritage Coast that is ideal for hiking and relaxing surrounded with green hills and the Raby Castle.