‘Help’ coming soon…

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New show coming soon on Channel 4 is one of the first dramas to take place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help is set in Liverpool and brings together actors Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer, both very famous for their previous roles where Jodie played as Villanelle in ‘Killing Eve’, and Stephen is well known as Combo in ‘This is England’ and Eric in ‘Time’.

In this drama, written and directed by Jack Thorne and Marc Munden, Jodie is a care-worker who forms a connection with one of her residents, who is played by Stephen.

The show takes place in a care home when the pandemic hits the UK. Jodie’s character, named Sarah, goes to extraordinary lengths to protect those in her care, especially for those whose condition make the isolation more traumatic.

However, in the story, there is also so much Sarah can do, so she is pushed into a dark corner and desperately looks for a way out.

She ends up making a connection with one of the residents, in particular the 47 year old Tony, played by Stephen Graham.

She starts to regain her confidence and self-belief as she successfully manages Tony and the other patients.

Some other confirmed actors joining ‘Help’ are Angela Griffin from ‘Coronation Street’, Mike Noble from ‘Mr Selfridge’, and John McGrellis.

The release dates have not yet been confirmed for this new drama, so keep a look out for this because it will be released in due time.

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