Funniest Live In Front Of A Studio Audience Moments

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If you are looking for a laugh and love sitcoms, then check out the following funniest and best moments that was live in front of a studio audience! Live TV is always fun to catch out moments where something may not have gone as planned but being a part of the studio audience of a live show is an even better experience, so read on for some funny moments.

Good Times

There was a moment when one of the 79-year-old actors called John Amos had forgotten his line, not knowing how to continue in front of a live audience! Fortunately, he was saved by the younger actor Darrell Jerome, who jumped in and continued the flow without making it very obvious. Check out the clip below!

Diff’rent Strokes

This sitcom had Snoop Dogg come to play as Vernon, who was Willis’ friend, played by Damon Wayans. This lead to one of the funniest joke by Kevin Hart who plays Arnold, when he said, “Hey Willis, why does Vernon always smell like weed?”


Being one of the most loved and popular sitcoms of all time also means that they have a lot of moments worth mentioning, one of them being the live audience themselves when they just could not stop laughing at Joey’s manners! Check out the clip here.

The Facts of Life

During Jennifer Aniston’s performance, the actress gave a nod to the show Friends, which she starred in from 1994 until 2004. Playing as Blair Warner, she said, “I’ll be there for you” in a scene to Jon Steward as they enjoyed croissants together, in reference to the theme song for Friends.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In between scenes Will Smith made sure the live audience continued to have fun rather than waiting for the filming to begin. The actor himself said, they would put on shows for the audience coming to attend tapings of the show. “And then, as if all that wasn’t enough to send the studio audience into hysteria, we dropped our nuke: DJ JAzzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince would perform live every Friday night. Our between-scene moments were as iconic as anything we ever put on camera.”

These moments are worth having a look through and laughing at, so make sure you check each one out and see what else you can find alongside these that can become iconic moments!