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Kansanshi Mining PLC General Manager’s leadership programme graduates. Picture by JOHN MUBAMBE

SOLWEZI, ZAMBIA – Six graduates from the Kansanshi Mine leadership development programme are at the heart of the management’s drive to tap into new leadership around First Quantum Minerals’ circles, using skills learnt during their practical projects.

The specialist employees recently graduated from the General Manager’s one-year leadership programme at a colourful ceremony held at the Kansanshi Golf Club in Solwezi, with an objective to drive management change on Bolder, Smarter, Driven, Together company values.

The proud specialist employees who graduated are Gerald Zambika, Wakunoli Munalula Nsofwa, Edmond Mokola, Masida Gondwe, Ethel Chasha Cruz, and Samson Mutema.

Kansanshi Mining Plc General Manager, Anthony Mukutuma, has been mentoring each of the six employees from the outset to the end of the programme.

Mr. Mukutuma said the graduates who successfully completed the programme will increase the bench strength of the FQML leadership team, given the practical skills they gained from the training and coaching over the last 12 months.

He said the programme is an initiative aimed at building a better future for the current graduates and those yet to undertake the same leadership training under his action plan.

The leadership development programme attempts to prepare some of the employees on higher-level mentorship, in order to provide them with necessary management tools to succeed in the future, by aligning tertiary learning experience with professional situations likely to be encountered in the workplace.

Gerald Zambika is a qualified Electrical/Electronics engineer working at Kansanshi Mine’s Engineering Department as a Technical specialist at the High-Pressure Leach Plant (HPL). Gerald’s project during the past 12 months was on Inventory Reduction/Working Capital optimization.

Zambika joined Kansanshi Mining PLC in 2008 and he has held various roles through the last 14 years that he has been around the company.
Wakunoli Munalula Nsofwa is a Floatation Superintendent in the Process Plant, with 10 years of experience in technical and operational roles.
“My leadership style has evolved to be more inclusive of others as I plan and prioritize my work, drive teamwork to learn, unlearn and relearn,” she said. Wakunoli’s project focused on Automation and Al for Productivity and Efficiency.

Kansanshi Mining PLC General Manager, Anthony Mukutuma (centre) and the six graduates of the leadership programme he is spearheading at Kansanshi Mine. Picture by JOHN MUBAMBE

Edmond Mokola is a Chemical Engineer who has worked for the giant copper mine since June 2008. He is currently working as a Senior Metallurgist at the Secondary Smelting Technical at the Smelter, and his performance at work is backed by his experience in Operational and Technical roles which he gained over a period of 15 years. Edmond’s project was on Optimizing High-Pressure Leach Plant (HPL) to maximize value to First Quantum Minerals.

An ICT Development and Integration specialist, Masida Gondwe, is a steady graduate of the Local Graduate Programme (LGP). She has been working on Development and Integration Specialization in the ICT section under Finance. She counts on four years of working at Kansanshi Mine. Her project focused on Business Application Rationalization and Consolidation.

Ethel Chasha Cruz is a Human Resources professional who specializes in talent acquisition, talent retention, and the development of internal staff in their areas of expertise for higher productivity of the company. As talent Coordinator under Kansanshi Mining PLC, she joined the company four years ago at the level of a Graduate-Industrial Relations Officer and has since risen through the ranks.

She enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. She also enjoys reading and gaining knowledge and perspective to strengthen her abilities. Her project entitled Streamlining HR Processes for an Effective HR Function demonstrated various ways that HR can add to the bottom-line.

Samson Mutema is a Senior Mining Engineer for Blasting and Technical Services (Projects); After graduating from the university in 2013, he went through the Local Graduate Programme (LGP) at Kansanshi Mine where he rose through ranks to reach his current position within a period of nine years. At the end of the leadership development programme, he worked on a project entitled “Dilution and Ore loss measurements at Kansanshi Mine”.

Mutema is certainly sure of his future as he says: “The future is very bright, this is the first programme that I have come out having to understand that the journey has just begun and there is a lot to work on.”

The leadership development programme demonstrates the commitment of Kansanshi Mining Plc to people development and the focus on developing high-performing teams.