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It has been another glorious Verzuz. Two Hip Hop icons join together on stage, Fat Joe and Ja Rule did not disappoint with both the hits and entertaining banter. We knew that leading into the Verzuz these two would be trash-talking their way through the performance, and while it seemed as if they were digging a little too deep at times, fans knew that it was all in love and fun ,something that both Ja and Joe made clear at the end.

There were some noteworthy moments throughout and surprise guests that lit up social media, and fans are still talking about which was their favorite.

Tuesday’s battle comes on the heels of last month’s match-up between Dipset and The Lox which was also done in front of a live audience.

As expected, Ja Rule leaned on his catalog of hit records, playing several Top 10 singles including 2000’s “Between Me And You,” 2001’s “Livin’ It Up,” and 2002’s “Down 4 U.” He decided to bring out two of his collaborators Lil Mo and Vita to perform their timeless collaboration “Put It On Me.

Ja Rule also brought out Ashanti, who also performed with Fat Joe much to the delight of fans.

Meanwhile, Joey Crack showcased his wide-ranging discography, delivering chart-topping singles like 2005’s “Get It Poppin’” and 2016’s “All the Way Up” alongside deep cuts such as 1993’s “Flow Joe” and 1998’s “John Blaze.” Crack also brought out Nelly to perform “Get it Poppin’” and “Hot In Here.”

Near the end of the Verzuz, Joe surprised Remy and Ashanti with luxury bags that he wanted them to unbox on stage right before he eased his way into “Lean Back.” Jada kiss made a surprise appearance as they ended the show with a   track New York featuring The LOX rapper with Joe and Ja Rule. The audience exploded at the sight of Jada and it was certainly a fine way to shout out the Big Apple. 

Many Fans believe that Ja Rule won this battle and here are some of the comments:

Ja Rule won #Verzus against Fat Joe. I like them both but this wasn’t even a fair match up(Fat Joe played too many songs that he had nothing to do with). although, this battle was really good for reminiscing over good songs that have memories tied to them

Ja Rule won, Fat Joe did his thing too. Hip hop won tonight. New York won again.

Normally the show will not let you know who they think won, they usually leave it up to the fans, so judging by what the fans thought, its quite clear that Ja Rule won this one. Many felt that Ja had way too many hit songs as compared to Fat Joe but still appreciate the rapper for putting up a great show.

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