Face Taping Trend: Good or Bad, and Does It Work?

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Not trending for the first time, the facelift hack is sending beauty fans “wild” as they attempt to achieve a “surgery-free facelift with the use of adhesive tape”. This trend has been around for years, though recently through the social media platform TikTok, face tapes are back at the center of attention within the beauty world. By using these face tapes, many people are claiming that it has given them newly defined jawlines, eyes, and cheekbones. Read on for more information on how this beauty hack works – if it actually works – and whether it is concerning or not, considering how it establishes a new stereotyped look some may feel they need to follow.

There are many trends constantly found on social media, whether it be TikTok, Twitter or Instagram, that end up saving you money and give you tips on everyday life, making it easier. That is not to say that all trends are good, there can be some trending behaviours that should not be recommended to others as it could in some way harm them. Looking at this beauty trend on face taping, I will determine whether it is safe or not and if it works well for you to achieve your desired look.

It is suggested by multiple users on TikTok that by using at home clear sticky tapes, you can sculpt your eyes, neck, cheekbones, and jawline. When applied in a particular way, it lifts and tightens the skin in specific areas, meaning it may be a quick solution for treating the appearance of wrinkles, a temporary replacement for a Botox.

Check out some videos of the face lift hack:

The following videos were uploaded on YouTube displaying the use of face lifting, which “shocked” many viewers as it appeared to be like there are “two different people before and after”.

Taking these videos into consideration, when done right, the tapes are harmless and can be a good replacement for face surgery. However, be aware that these beauty standards should not make you feel as if you must follow the trends and do what others are doing for one specific “desired look”. You should feel comfortable with your own beauty and what you would like to do with it.