Expected Beauty Trends For 2022

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As we begin to reach the end of the year of 2021, we also reach the end and the beginning of beauty trends; in the past year, we witnessed an explosion of 2000s make-up and fashion trends making a comeback, glossy lips and eyelids becoming trendy, and more emphasis on bold and neon colours in make-up. A huge movement was made towards skincare to achieve healthy and glowing skin, as well as wellness becoming a priority after the effects of the pandemic. Now, with 2022 not too far away, what future beauty trends are expected to start, or make a comeback? Read on for experts’ predictions.

Bleached eyebrows

Due to the pandemic, many people started taking bigger risks when trying out new hairstyles or hair colours, therefore, this trend does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. In fact, it will only pick up speed and we will begin to see more bolder and brighter colours in the next year.

5-minute make-up

More emphasis has been put on skincare and wellbeing recently; therefore, make-up had taken a backseat in the past year or two. Now, it is back in the game and people are slowly moving to bolder colours in their make-up looks, as well as methods of achieving this in a shorter amount of time. No one is keen on spending an entire hour doing their everyday make-up, so multi-purpose products and hacks will definitely see a rise in popularity.

Glossy lips and lids

Lip gloss has been becoming popular for a few years now, and it will continue to do so because glossy, or “wet”, eyelids have been another trendy topic this past year. The duo makes a great natural-yet-elegant combination, and it looks good on everyone!

Coloured eyeliner

Accentuating eyes is always a trend but following your own eye shape and trying new colours is an added feature to the trend and will become more common in the next year. People are loving neon, metallic and bold eyeliners, so do not be shy and jump on board with the trend – you can start with a more natural eyeliner look first if you prefer.


Refillable lipsticks, reusable eye masks, and innovative packaging are becoming a very exciting luxury, and it is something that many brands have picked up on; watch out for more products becoming sustainable in 2022.

Although these are only predictions, it is the words and opinions of beauty experts from brands such as Lisa Eldridge, Benefit, Too Faced, and more; these beauty glimpses may become bigger trends than what we expected!

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