Eva Bartels and Iman Isaacs present, IRMA, a multimedia theatre play out this May

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A theatrical research on the life and work of Irma Stern and the complexity of image making

Johannesburg, Tuesday, 19 April 2022 – Eva Bartels and Iman Isaacs present, IRMA, a multimedia theatre play about the life and work of Irma stern addressing the complexity of image making, showing at the Artscape, Cape Town, from 5 – 14 May 2022. 

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Eva Bartels is an artist and theater maker from the Netherlands who finds herself in dialogue with Iman Isaacs – a South African director, actor and theatre maker with Cape Malay roots. The conversation uses the life and work of Irma Stern as a point of departure to reflect on themes such as extraction vs exchange, exoticism, political and nonpolitical choices in art, cultural and ancestral knowledge, chasing the sense of belonging, a female future, the activistic power of art and theatre.

Eva and Iman get to the bottom of things, digging their way through history and reflecting from their perspectives as two female artists from different continents both sparked by the desire to change the narrative.

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