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Gospel Singer Esther Chungu has partnered with The Global citizen for a TV show called ‘The Activist’. The show will be shot in Los Angeles. It is a Global citizen initiative in conjunction with Live Nation Concerts. This is in order to promote better health and nutrition. Not only is Esther the only Zambian on the program, she is the only African! which is something to be proud of.

Global Citizen is an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty. The organization was founded by Hugh Evans, Simon Moss and Wei Soo, and aims to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to support the cause. Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.

The newly wed is set to travel to America and be there until she is done filming the show. Fans have expressed how excited they are for her and have wished her well on her new journey. One special fan in particular, who happens to be her husband (Pompi) shared the news on his face book page. He wrote; ‘BIG NEWS!!! Esther Chungu is an Activist on a TV show that will be on CBS called “The Activits.” it is being shot in LA and is a Global Citizen initiative in partnership with Live Nation Concerts.” The two got married this year and both their fans got to witness their beautiful union on TV as it aired on Zambezi Magic. Esther is no stranger to TV as she is a regular host on Zambezi Magics Tuvwange Lifestyle, with her Co hosts, Mutale Mwanza, Natasha Vandermas and Mitchie ‘zambia’s sweetheart’.

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