Emirates Warns Customers in Zambia about Free Ticket Scam

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An Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Emirates is urging its customers in Zambia not to be misled by a social media scam that is offering two free Emirates tickets as it is a hoax.
The warning comes in the wake of a series of global WhatsApp messages received locally that claim the airline is giving away two free tickets to celebrate 33 years of quality service, if recipients click on the link provided.

Responding to the hoax Emirates is advising its customers not to click on the link or share it with friends and family.

“Emirates has become aware of fraudulent websites purporting to offer free airline tickets to those who take an online survey. We advise anyone not to click on any links or share these links on social media. Emirates is investigating the source of the scam and will take appropriate legal action against the perpetrators,” said an Emirates spokesperson.

This is not the first time such a hoax has gone viral, Emirates faced such scams in 2015 and 2016.

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