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Zambian Rapper Drifta Trek has released a brand new song today titled ‘Volume’, he made the announcement yesterday on his face book page. The new single features quite a number of artist’s, Chef 187, 4na5, Bow chase as well as Roberto. After the song was released today, his fans immediately responded with great comments about the song. They loved that so many artist’s on one song but were still able to deliver a Synchronized sound. The song which happens to be a very danceable song just might end up being a club banger, as it has been released at a very strategic time when summer is slowly approaching and most people will be out there doing the most.

Drifta has not released a song in a while and fans missed him on the scene, some even thought the rapper had quit music, so the release of this new single was such a delight for most of them. Questions on whether or not the rapper will actually work on a full album were asked but the rapper has not yet responded so it is still not clear what his plans for this year are.

Drifta TreK came on the scene with a bang with hit after hit. His first big singe ‘ma dance yana salako’ took the country by storm as it was a fresh new sound and immediately earned the rapper some respect and made him a house hold name. He then further released more hit but then went quite for a while so it is good to see the rapper back and still making hits.

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