DJ Sabby On His Game-Changing New Radio Chapter

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Johannesburg, 25 April 2022. He’s one of the most formidable radio personalities in the country today and as the host of Metro FM’s rebranded Top 30, DJ Sabby continues to shine a spotlight on some of the best musical acts in the country today. As a champion for local artists, DJ Sabby has made it his priority to give newcomers in the industry a platform while also supporting and uplifting the country’s best musical acts – a reason he has become synonymous with the station’s flagship show.

As he continues to cement himself as a powerhouse in the local entertainment space, DJ Sabby reflects on the past year hosting the Metro FM Top 40 and what the rebranded Top 30 is set to bring audiences around the country.

“I am so proud of the Metro FM chart show becoming the number one show on the station in terms of listeners over the past year. I think being the voice behind such an iconic show on the station is one of the biggest highlights of my career so far,” DJ Sabby says. “The Top 30 is the face of Metro FM. That’s the DNA of the station and, at that moment, those are the songs that best represent the sound of the station. That’s a massive responsibility.”

The star has injected his own personality to the station’s flagship show and has helped it grow to become one of the most-listened to shows every week.

Always bringing something fresh and different to his radio shows, DJ Sabby knew he wanted to push boundaries when it came to taking over such an important show on the iconic station. “I think living in a world where music is accessible to almost everyone through the advancement of technology and the internet means that you have to do things differently to keep audiences tuned in,” DJ Sabby says. “My offering on the new Metro FM Top 30 is bringing the value of content that’s not available online. I aim to be the primary source of music content and bridge the gap between the music and the listener.”

He adds “My personality also brings in more value to the offering of a music show format that’s all about counting down the biggest songs in the country. Content and the delivery of that content is what sets me apart to any other personality on radio right now. I’m current, futuristic and a very colourful radio personality.”

The radio personality explains that being uniquely himself is something that has helped him carve his path on his radio journey so far. “I’m myself, I’m not trying to do anything that’s been done before. I’m laying down bricks to my own world,” DJ Sabby explains. “You can’t compare me to anyone, it’s that originality that keeps me unique and ahead than most. You can’t buy that! I’m that new school kid with an old school back pack!”

As the rebranded Metro FM Top 30 officially kicks off, DJ Sabby is excited for what the new format has to bring – and is looking forward to taking listeners on a wild ride each and every Saturday morning.

Catch DJ Sabby on the Metro FM Top 30 every Saturday between 9am and 12pm.