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Johannesburg, Tuesday, 19th April 2022 – Pretorian international DJ Karri is riding the wave of the success of his Amapiano anthem “Trigger”. The smash hits’ hypnotising signature the “chu” melody set the internet alight alongside its dance challenge receiving support from fellow artists, dancers, and fans of Amapiano. Listen Here. 

Today the hit has come full circle as the Producer and DJ receive plaques as ‘Trigger’ is certified Gold. Today the DJ also signs with Sony Music Africa. 

‘Triggers’ Major Milestones thus far; 

  • Tik Tok introduced Karri to a larger and new audience with over 50,4M + TikTok hashtag #TriggerChallange views and over 427K Tik Tok sound video creations. 
  • Youtube Visualizer has received over a million views, the official video views are over 100k and counting. 
  •  Over 47000 streams locally and more than 89000 streams worldwide. 

After a whirlwind of viral dance challenges and a worldwide smash hit, the sucess saw the DJ bag an international deal with sister label Sony Music UK under 5K Record. Today he returns home to Sony Music Africa to create more global hits. 

Speaking about signing to Sony Music he said; “Signing with Sony is a blessing to myself and the team, it is all in the hands of God and the hard work we’ve put in. I’m excited and we going to serve good music.”

Speaking about the success of Trigger DJ Karri Shared; “When Trigger was released, like any other artist I had hopes that it would take over the world and put us on a new level(Which is exactly what happened). It was amazing how South African artists, supporters and the rest of the world supported us by joining the challenge created by social media Influencer victor. “We are blessed and numbers don’t lie”.

The Trigger recipe of melodies that glides across the percussive bass drums, shakers and light synths has heightened the anticipation for Karri’s new single dropping on Friday 29th April 2022, titled Tornado” accompanied by another dance challenge. 

The DJ reflects on his musical journey and the impact Social Media has on his success; “I’ve been in the music industry for 15 years, through all these years I’ve learnt a lot and social media has always been one of my strongest attributes. Social media elevated me from one level to a much better one which I am grateful for. When the numbers grew drastically on Tik Tok and Instagram I and the team were actually in shock but we also took it as a breakthrough that we needed for growth.”

Karri shared what audiences can expect for the upcoming single, he said; Tornado, Tornado, Tornado”(Dj Karri Giggles). This is one of my favourite songs. It’s going to take over and the world will experience a musical amapiano disaster when we drop Tornado ft BL Zero & Kamo The Vocalist.

 Karri is part of the culture and movement of Amapiano steadily growing globally, blowing up on the internet. 

In the spirit of keeping up with DJ Karri his word of thanks and Gig Guide; “First things first, thank you to my team, supporters and Sony Music. Dj Karri will be heading out to the Free State this coming weekend. I will be representing South Africa in Mozambique in May 2022 and doing my first ever Europe show in June at Spain hosted in Marbella Arena.” 

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