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The New wave CEO Dj H-Mac has teamed up with the talented Princess Natasha Chansa and Koby on a new song called ‘what you say’, the song can be classified as a mellow hip hop, it is easy to sing along to. The song showcases Natasha Chansa’s beautiful vocals on the chorus as they take turns to sing with Koby who was a worthy match for Natasha, she then proceeds to rap through the verses as the song progresses.

This is the first song DJ H-Mac has released since breaking away from XYZ to start his own record label new wave, we saw Bmac and DJ Rhys release songs days after the new wave label was created and it is good to see them get straight into business.

The song is a typical new wave style sound and it is already getting great reviews from fans, the video which equally dropped today is a very simple but beautiful hip hop video which is not trying too hard and you get to see Natasha and Koby mainly just relaxed about life and not taking things too seriously.

Natasha Chansa has been seen featuring on several records this year, the young talent has really made an impression on her fellow artists who have embraced her and shown tremendous support, she recently released her EP ‘The genesis and she has been seen on her social media platforms making deliveries to those that have purchased themselves a copy.

As a new label New wave has a lot to do in order to put themselves out there and so far they are doing very well, it is very clear that they did not come to play and by the looks of things they are slowly proving that they deserve a seat at the table.

To download DJ H-Mac’s new single please follow the link

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