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Canadian rapper and songwriter Dax has taken his love for Zambia a step further by adopting a nickname given to him by Zambians. He was nicknamed ‘Umupondo’ after expressing his undying love for Zambia a few months back.(born March 22, 1994), known professionally as Dax, for his freestyle remixes to hit rap songs, he rose to fame for his official music video of his song “Cash Me Outside” featuring Danielle Bregoli.

A few days ago, he posted a heartwarming message on his Facebook page explaining why his heart remains in Zambia musically and otherwise.

“Umupondo Checking in …! Tsikomo! This is the nickname given to me by Zambians. Amazing! I was told ‘Umupondo’ means someone who is Mighty and Strong and cannot be controlled by anyone or anything. This fits perfectly with the independent grind I have been on since the beginning of this journey. I love and accept this name,” he captioned a post where he displays a T-shirt with the name ‘Umupondo’ engraved in it.

He also told Zambians that he has a new song for them as his first collaboration with an African artist. It is not yet clear which Zambian rapper he collaborated with.

Some few weeks back, Zambian rapper Umusepela Crown dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Dax’.

‘Dax’ is simple yet astoundingly beautiful. Umusepela did great with the effortless rap and lyrics and still captivated his audience. Umusepela Crown was riding a new Zambian wave courtesy of the Canadian rapper who announced his intended collaboration with a Zambian artist.

Dax has now become very popular amongst Zambians, they are showing the rapper a lot of love and he cant seem to get enough of it. A few months ago he commented on the famous watermelon frenzy that was caused by Dr Mujajati and said he was having his ‘chijajati’, Zambians now refer to watermelon as ‘Chijajati’ so they were more than pleased when the rapper jumped n the band wagon.

When TIM aka Thugga did an amazing job on DJ Showster’s latest single Mwana Mfumu, fans tagged Dax and asked him to do a collaboration with the rapper but it still remains unclear which Zambian artist will be featuring on umupondo Dax’ song.

Dax also encouraged Zambians to reverse the term disgruntled youths, he wrote; I been keeping up with what going on in Zambia and whie i dont consider myself a very political person, i just want to say I’m praying that your current election ends well and that you have a positive and prospering country as a result. Lets reverse the term disgruntled youth not only in Zambia but world wide. The youth are the future.”

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