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Nexus Music today announced the official release of Chef 187’s music video for his song ‘Like a blesser’ which features his young sister Towela Kaira, the video which was shot by Big deal graphics dropped today.

The Song which was released a while back off the rappers Bon appetit delux album has only gained visuals today, it seems that the rapper intends to now start promoting the song as it never got the attention it deserves and with help of the music video many that did not get a chance to hear the song initially will now know about it and it might be treated as a new release.

The video tells a story of a Girl who meets a young ‘blesser’ and starts to live a very lavish life, we witness Towela going out on multiple shopping sprees, massage parlours and fancy houses but at the same time her famous brother gets kidnapped and she tries to search for him and eventually finds him and we witness an exchange of cash for her brothers life.

Fans are impressed with the music video’s great quality and have applauded Nexus Music for consistently setting the bar high when it comes to great music videos, which is a big plus for the Zambian music industry as we have witnessed other artists put in a lot of work in order to give out high quality videos and we hope that this positive change will finally give these artists a chance to compete at an international level.

Follow this link to watch ‘Like a blesser’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wCRHNfdIG4

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