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Black Friday is the sale that comes after Thanks giving, it is a tradition that started in America and it has now been adopted in other parts of the world it is observed on the 26th of November. On this day many offline and online stores offer their products at high discounts to customers. Stores open very early in the morning it can even sometimes start at midnight in some countries or even Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday sale.

It is associated with post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas Shopping. People get attractive discounts at stores all over America during this time, the tradition has now been adopted by most retailers all over the world, including India.

The atmosphere in Zambia today is very much ready for the deals today, with most stores promising to offer major discounts which has the people very excited. Most of them have urged retailers to give major discounts because in several years some retailers will offer discounts but will not be satisfying as retailers not reducing adequately, so this year they have been put on the spot to give real discounts that are beneficial.

Yung Phiroz which is a store in Zambia where prices are already low on a regular day, their customers have paused the question if it is necessary for the store to have Black Friday sales because things are already very cheap so they are afraid things for almost nothing but that has not stopped the store from offering sales which they have announced that they will have.

This day can sometimes get very dangerous as people tend to get too excited and end up causing havoc and commotion. They have been reports over the past couple of years of people seriously getting hurt in the whole process, so we urge you to be extra careful even as you choose to go out there to look for these deals.

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