Best Small Businesses Found Through Social Media

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Social media platforms have become not only the place to showcase yourself and your life, but also a place to promote your very own business! By simply starting an Instagram account and posting all your written work can lead to you writing and publishing your own book; similarly, jewellery and embroidery can be created to share on your profile for everyone to see your style and skill. Just like that you start receiving orders and customers wanting some of your work. There are many small yet successful businesses who started off with a simple social media account, so if you are interested in seeing some of these, then let us go through all the best businesses here right now.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bracelets was established in San Diego five years ago by two recently graduated friends. “‘Pure Vida’ is Spanish for ‘pure life’, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Slowing things down, celebrating good fortune, and refusing to take anything for granted embodies this laid back lifestyle.”


CLUSE watches are crafted in Amsterdam in a small atelier with specialised watchmakers. Their Instagram-worthy watches have helped them grow to 690k followers, with customers from all over the globe now ordering their product.


Letterfolk is a small business run by a husband and wife who create and sell handcrafted letter boards, which each come with a full set of characters so people can personalise their board.

Bien Cuit Bakery

Bien Cuit Bakery takes inspiration from the phrase “bien cuit” that the French often use to describe the darkest and crunchiest loaves. This New York City located bakery is all about making basic food, like bread, become extraordinary.

If you are someone looking to start a business through social media, then remember, you do not need a large budget and a team to build something spectacular. Creativity and hard work is key to succeeding, along with some other skills necessary for your business, but it is not impossible!

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