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Best Quirky Themed Restaurants To Visit In Europe

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Going out to eat with family, friends, or a partner is a typical day out; so, in order to change things up and make it more exciting, I found some of the most unique, quirky, and fun-themed restaurants found in Europe! If this sounds exciting to you, then bookmark this article because the restaurants in this list will most likely awaken the foodie in you.

Nocti Vagus – Berlin, Germany

“Along with its four course menu, the beloved dark restaurant presents a murder mystery dinner, live music, a dark theatre, and spooky shows. The award-winning service team will guide you through the night in a safe and intuitive manner. Your night in the dark restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere will become a memory that you will happily look back on for a long time to come.”

Garden of Salvador Bachiller – Madrid, Spain

“Upmarket, multi-level supplier of refined handbags, wallets & shoes, with a rooftop cafe. When you go up to the last floor, you find a terrace that looks like a beautiful garden – even the placemats are in the shape of a leaf, and the waitresses wear leaf-printed jumpsuits. Beyond the themed decor and unique atmosphere, this a great place to have brunch in Madrid.”

Da Pancrazio – Rome, Italy

“Classic, hearty Roman dishes served in a refined 18th-century salon & an ancient vaulted cellar. Ristorante da Pancrazio was built atop the ancient Roman ruins. First opened as a tavern in 1922 by Pancrazio Macchioni, an attempt to expand the premises in the 1950s revealed several rooms from the first century Theatre of Pompeii, where Julius Caesar was murdered. The restaurant is tucked away from the chaos of the piazza, which makes sitting outside on the patio very pleasant and relaxing.”

Jungle Cave – London, England

“Rainforest-themed chain for updated classic fare amid jungle flora & animatronic animals. Hidden beneath the concrete jungle of London’s West End, lies the wilderness of the Jungle Cave, an immersive family escapade. You’ll be surprised to find a captivating Amazon rainforest ambiance, just a stone’s throw from the world-famous Piccadilly Circus.”

Espace Sensoriel Dans Le Noir – Paris, France

“Since 2004, the restaurant invites you to taste a gourmet, creative, seasonal cuisine in total darkness accompanied and served by unexpected guides. Dinner or lunch in absolute darkness is an original experience that allows us to reassess our perception of taste while reclaiming our senses, to re-enchant our relationship to the world and to others and to experience a surprising encounter with difference.”

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