Best Films About Career Paths

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Films can sometimes help you to find motivation and inspiration when it comes to goals or ambitions in life, including career paths; they are a great way to give insight, although dramatic, into a particular profession. Whether it is for comedy purposes or for the thrill of some drama, I have found some of the best recommendations for films that you should start watching now!

The Intern

“Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower, realises that he is not cut out for retirement. He then applies to become a senior intern for a sceptical boss at an online fashion site.”

8 Mile

“Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith is an aspiring rapper with a messed-up life. He must use his rap skills to succeed in a rapping contest as this could be his last chance to get out of the ghetto.”

Second Act

“Maya, a lady with little educational qualification but abundance of street smarts, lands a job in a corporate firm when a friend creates a fake profile for her. She must now live the lie convincingly.”


“Andrew enrols in a music conservatory to become a drummer. But he is mentored by Terence Fletcher, whose unconventional training methods push him beyond the boundaries of reason and sensibility.”

Wall Street (1987)

“Bud, a junior stockbroker, wants to work with Gordon Gekko, his idol, and tries to impress him by spying on renowned companies. But when Bud learns about Gordon’s evil antics, he tries to destroy him.”

The Devil Wears Prada

“Andy, a young graduate aspiring to be a journalist, comes to New York and becomes an assistant to one of the city’s biggest magazine editors, the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly.”

Boiler Room

“A college drop-out gets a job as a broker for a investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success. However, success clouds his judgement, drawing him into a world of corruption and greed.”

Legally Blonde

“Elle’s boyfriend breaks up with her for a smarter girl as he plans to become a politician and joins Harward law school. Elle gets enrolled in the same school in an effort to teach him a lesson.”

Dead Poets Society

“John Keating, a progressive English teacher, tries to encourage his students to break free from the norm, go against the status quo and live life unapologetically.”

Miss Sloane

“Elizabeth Sloane, a fierce lobbyist, fights bravely in an attempt to pass the gun control legislation. However, she is left helpless when the opposing party digs deep into her personal life.”