Best Animation Series To Start Watching On Netflix

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Animated television series include a wide range of genres, therefore it can be difficult to pick which ones to start watching now or later. Some shows are better to watch at certain points of the year, while others depend on the mood or how much time you have to spend watching the series. To help you decide and find the best ones for you, I discovered the top animated series you can start watching right now on Netflix!

My Hero Academia

“In a world where those with powers are known as “Quirks,” Izuku Midoriya has aspirations to one day become a hero but there’s a catch — he isn’t a Quirk. After a tragic accident involving his friend Katuski Bakugo; Midoriya is the only one to have stepped forward to help protect Bakugo from a villain, because of his acts, he is given a gift by the world’s greatest hero, All Might. Now, Midoriya attends U.A. School–a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.”

Demon Slayer

“A youth begins a quest to fight demons and save his sister after finding his family slaughtered and his sister turned into a demon.”

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

“After finding a mysterious amulet, a teen and his friends pursue an unlikely destiny and set out to save two worlds.”

Saiki K

“A high school student with powerful psychic abilities tries to live an ordinary life by keeping his true nature a secret from his many quirky classmates and anyone else he comes across.”


“Yu-Gi-Oh! tells the tale of Yugi Mutou, a timid young boy who loves all sorts of games, but is often bullied around. One day, he solves an ancient puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle causing his body to play host to a mysterious spirit with the personality of a gambler.”

The Promised Neverland

“Emma and Norman reside in an orphanage under Isabella’s care. However, they discover that it is a breeding ground for them to become food for demons and they try to escape their fate.”

Children of the Whales

“In the 93rd year of the Sentence of Sand, the world is covered by oceans of sand and 513 people live in isolation on the Mud Whale, an islandlike ship that is adrift on the sand. As he investigates an abandoned ship that has drifted up to the Mud Whale, Chakuo — the island’s archivist who is endowed with special powers — meets a mysterious girl named Rikosu. It marks the first time that an island inhabitant has made contact with someone from the outside world. Chakuro wonders if it is a sign that a new world awaits.”

Great Pretender

“Makoto Edamura, supposedly Japan’s greatest swindler, gets more than he bargained for when he tries to con real world-class crook Laurent Thierry.”


“Menma’s friends reunite five years after her death to help her remember and fulfil a wish so she can pass on into the afterlife.”