Best 2000s TV Series For Those Looking To Re-Watch

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The phrase “old but gold” is true in many cases, and if you clicked on this article wanting to find a list of the 2000s greatest television series, then keep going because although they are old, they are indeed gold. You may have been intrigued to discover hit TV shows from a decade or two ago, or you were simply reminiscing the times when you were younger and watched the shows with your friends or family, or even alone! To help you out, I have put together all the greatest TV series for you to re-watch, so scroll down and check out the descriptions for a refresh of the story!


“Toni, Maya, Lynn and Joan are four young, strong women who face life’s ups and downs together.”

Six Feet Under

“Before Nathaniel Fisher Sr. dies, he hands over the control of his funeral home business to his sons Nathaniel Samuel Jr and David. But the brothers and the entire family are caught in a conflict.”

Lizzie McGuire

“Lizzie McGuire, a clumsy middle school girl, navigates through teenage issues while enjoying her childhood years with genuine friends, an annoying younger brother and loving parents.”


“The survivors of a plane crash find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. They are forced to work together for their survival when they realise that they are not alone on the island.”


“Former cop Adrian Monk was a star officer till he develops an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Now he struggles with simple everyday tasks but continues to investigate cases.”


“Nip/Tuck is about Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. Both men are Miami-based plastic surgeons and are in practice together. On the brink of expanding their practice, their friendship is put to the test when Sean McNamara goes off to do pro bono plastic surgery on victims of a serial rapist/slasher.”