Benefits of lighting candles

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Candles are scientifically proven to relax and relieve us, as well as lift our moods. This mainly happens through the flame of the candle, which helps to soothe our soul, reduce stress and increase self-awareness. It also helps to achieve a meditative state.

For centuries, candles have been used in ceremonies to bring about a peaceful ambiance. They are used to create a serene atmosphere and are now spreading to be used in places like therapy, meditation and during beauty treatments of the body.

In addition to this, burning a candle in your home can help you with your mental state and wellbeing. By seeing the low light of the candle, your brain processes the capture and, due to its associations, the body starts to relax, which helps us emotionally and physically.

Some benefits of this include better sleep in the night, increased focus, feelings of positivity, improved mood, enhanced immunity, and more energy throughout the day.

There are some additional benefits with scented candles, as it triggers our sense of smell too and makes us feel good, depending on the type of scent you have chosen. These benefits include an increase in strength, inner beauty and healing energy. Overall, the general experience of lighting a candle is enhanced.

It is no wonder that candles are traditionally used during birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, dinners, religious places of worship and in times when you want to relax in isolation.

You can light candles in the bathroom while taking a bath or doing your morning/night routine; in the bedroom when you are going to sleep, reading a book, writing in your journal, listening to a podcast or doing any other activity you like to do; or you can light one in the living room, or any other room, while doing some exercise, making a meal, eating your meal, watching tv, etc.

The great thing about lighting candles is the fact that you can do it any time you want and whenever you want, as long as it is in a safe and appropriate place. Don’t worry about using too many candles at once, that works really well too!

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