Beauty High-fives Business at the Annual Nkashiyandi High Tea

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Nkashiyandi High Tea of EventsRus by Steph on Saturday, 29th September 2018 held its annual event at the Woodlands Ash Lodge, in Lusaka. Nkashiyandi is a sisterhood empowering women’s self-worth and success and supports the business woman through exclusive networking through events such as the Nkashiyandi High Tea. The event was held under the theme “recognising young talent” to which the gleeful afternoon spoke accurately to. A clean and healthy blend of beauty and business, tea and talk, and the Zambian September sun characterised the event decorating it with purpose.

Women, ladies and girls in business (and those considering starting a business), came together to sip on tea while nibbling on carefully baked bits of business advice from the experiences of those that have gone on ahead of them in business. Speakers of diverse business experiences indulged the driven listeners present in short yet long serving tales of their business journeys. Talk ranged from how “young talent” can brand itself so much so that it can be recognised with ease and valued, to the significance of consistence in provision of a service or product if to grow in business, to the role that self-knowledge plays in business for a business owner, and finally to how understanding the difference between passion, talent and purpose and their employment can be of tremendous advantage for “young talent” in finally being recognised and impacting the business scene.

Other than speeches and as if to concur with the notion of learning not only by hearing but also by seeing, there was a number of businesses exhibiting at the event, businesses owned and  run mostly by “young talent”. TES The Exquisite, a fashion jewellery store; BKS Travel &Tours, an airport logistics company; Yami’s Collection, a female’s fashion brand; 3@1 Business Center, a postal, printing and communications firm; and Longrich: Team Vision Legacy were the brands exhibiting. These companies gave the glamorous event a feel of reality and context, showing clearly that business is possible and young talent can as well tap into it successfully.

Nkashiyandi being a network of women celebrating and promoting each other in business; towards the close of the event, celebrated and awarded its members as part of the ‘Woman Of Steel Awards’ in recognition of the contribution, and impact the Nkashiyandi members have had within the network. The award recipients varied in age range; which was a true reflection of the positive impact business women can have when they join hands. After the awards networking mode was initiated, and networking being the major part and reason of the event took over. It is safe to say that contacts and relations were forged and reinforced and will be utilised in enhancing women’s participation in business in Zambia, and also in recognising “young talent” and its place in the business world.

Beauty and business high-fived whilst sipping properly brewed iced tea, wine, food and recognising young talent. It was an afternoon of African dress, make-up, poses, laughter, business wisdom and charm. After Saturday’s experience, we are definitely looking forward to 2019’s edition of the Nkashiyandi High Tea event, which shows promise of only getting bigger and better.