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8 APRIL, JOHANNESBURG – Aymos returns with intimate live renditions of the biggest hits from his September 2021 debut album Yimi Lo. Originally debuting on his YouTube channel as a captivating three-part series, this four-track EP will become the warm soundtrack to your colder season approaching.

Closing in on 10 million streams since the album’s release, with more than 200 000 follower growth on his Instagram page alone, Aymos has gone into 2022 with a reimagined experience of his most successful body of work. 

The YouTube performance series of these tracks has already raked up more than 120 000 combined views and growing, all organically.

Listen to the Yimi Lo Live EP available now across all streaming platforms, and enjoy the live performance visuals available now on his YouTube channel.


Connect with Aymos:

Facebook: @AymosRawsoul

Twitter: @aymos_shili

Instagram: @aymos_shili