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Michelle David, The Ashton Lodge Home Manager with Councillor Harry Boparai

Saturday the 6th of May saw the entire world’s eyes glued to their screens and ears to their radios as the much-anticipated coronation of King Charles III took place at Westminster Abbey in London. This is the first coronation billions in this current generation have ever witnessed, and as tradition would have it, households, companies, and communities all celebrated the newly crowned King; a position that was bestowed upon him following the death of his predecessor and mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Among the many communities joining in on the festivities was Ashton Lodge Nursing Home in Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey who celebrated the occasion by hosting a BBQ and canape reception event for its residents.

Residents and Staff dancing as Haley & Gerry Perform
Residents and Staff dancing as Haley & Gerry Perform

The celebration saw friends and family of the residents in attendance, a live performance by singing duo Haley and Gerry, as well as special guest Councillor Harry Boparai from Surrey County Council. As is customary in the United Kingdom, a special occasion would not be special without it pouring down with rain, but even the rains could not stop the joy the residents of Ashton Lodge felt and the enjoyment they had. From the delicious food prepared by Ashton’s Head Chef Radshaw Farim which consisted of coronation chicken as part of the canapes being served to guests upon arrival, the tasty, barbequed chicken, burger and vegetarian options, a vast range of salads, and not forgetting the coronation Quiche and more including some sweet treats such as the English trifle, and freshly baked coronation themed cakes and cupcakes.

Head Chef Radshaw Farim showcasing some of his handy work

L to R: Ashton Team: Ethel, Michelle, Rad, Jordan & Laden

The atmosphere was further set ablaze with the arrival of ‘The Everly Others Party Duo’ Haley and Gerry, who gave a live performance of some great golden oldies, perfect for the occasion and certainly perfect for the residents who sang along with friends, families and carers whilst dancing the afternoon away. A party atmosphere is not something that occurs on a regular basis in a nursing home setting and seeing the residents so elated and full of energy, is a great reminder of the importance of the care industry and the impact it has on the people that rely on it for their wellbeing. It is a reminder of the value of humanity when it comes to dealing with vulnerable individuals within our societies, and how aging or disabilities should not be reasons for one to be restricted of their liberty to enjoy what life has to offer alongside the rest of the world.

‘The Everly Others Party Duo’ Haley and Gerry

Councillor Harry Boparai of Surrey County Council, in the Sunbury Common and Ashford Common Division, and the Spelthorne Borough District was the special guest in attendance whose presence at the Ashton Lodge Coronation celebration event was a great surprise for many of the residents, whom he had the pleasure and opportunity to meet. Following his visit councillor Harry Boparai said “A heartfelt thank-you to all the staff at Ashton Lodge, for welcoming me. I had a wonderful time. You are astonishing, a tremendous organisation who contribute tirelessly to our society. The love I witnessed from the staff, towards the residents, touched me deeply.” As communities, it is vital that the local authorities, councillors, and MPs take an interest in what is happening within their towns and counties to have a better insight of the community member’s needs and the inner workings of establishments like Ashton Lodge. Following the pandemic and the lockdowns worldwide; it has become more evident how vital it is for us not to forget the importance of humanity towards one another, and the care industry is at the forefront of maintaining this alongside the healthcare industry, as people’s lives and livelihoods depend upon these sectors. Councillor Harry Boparai’s interest in seeing how Ashton Lodge operates and how the residents are cared for is paramount as this kind of support is needed, valued, and needs to be conducted more often.

LtoR Ashton Team with Councillor Harry Boparai: Jacqueline, Jordan, Michelle, & Ethel.

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